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Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a quick size estimate, but you had no ruler with you?

Powered by iOS 11 and ARKit, rulAR turns your device into an advanced measuring toolkit. Measure floors, walls, three-dimensional objects, room sizes, volumes and much more using rulAR’s simple and straight-forward AR interface.

– Ruler: Take precise distance measurements using the line ruler. A virtual ruler graphic shows you the current length just like a real ruler.
– 2D/3D Objects: Create objects in any form and dimension, while the app shows you their length, area and volume sizes.
– Save & Share: Save and share your measurements as blueprints, photos and 3D objects.
– Design & Usability: rulAR’s streamlined interface and simple user experience puts the power of AR at your fingertips.
– Algorithm: Built on top of Apple’s ARKit, rulAR combines first-class AR technology with an optimized world tracking algorithm.
– Metric & Imperial: Switch to your preferred unit system, no matter where you are.

We are big fans of giving our users multiple choices, so you can pick the plan that fits you best. Use all of rulAR’s features in the ad-supported free plan or enjoy an ad-free experience with the premium plan. With rulAR’s free plan, you can use all of the app’s features in exchange for watching an advertisement videos for each measurement that you want to save. The premium plan offers an ad-free experience and can be purchased as a subscription for only $0.49 per 3 months. Lifetime premium is available as a one-time purchase of $2.99. Prices may vary slightly per country.

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