Measure with style

Have a look at the most elegant way to measure your everyday things.


Measure complex 2D and 3D objects with ease through the power of Augmented Reality.


rulAR offers a complex measuring toolkit — unified in a simple & beautiful interface.


Take precise distance measurements using the line ruler. A virtual ruler graphic shows you the current length just like a real ruler.

2D/3D Objects

Create objects in any form and dimension, while the app shows you their length, area and volume sizes.

Save & Share

Save and share your measurements as blueprints, photos and 3D objects.

Design & Usability

rulAR's streamlined interface and simple user experience puts the power of AR at your fingertips.


Built on top of Apple's ARKit, rulAR combines first-class AR technology with an optimized world tracking algorithm.

Metric & Imperial

Switch to your preferred unit system, no matter where you are.

Frequently asked questions

Poor lighting
Not enough light or too much light with shiny specular highlights. Try and avoid environments with poor lighting.

Few contrasts
If you point your camera at a white wall there is really nothing unique to extract, ARKit won’t be able to find or track you. Try to avoid looking at areas of solid colors, shiny surfaces etc.

Fast movement
If you move the camera too fast you will end up with blurry images that will cause tracking to fail.

The best results are achieved when the world object is 10cm to 70cm away from your device. If the distance to the object is larger, it is advisable to measure on a detected surface.

Unfortunately, at the moment ARKit is not able to save the real world position of an object over the end of a session. We will update the app as soon as this is possible. Until then, make sure to create your object fully in one session and save it afterwards.

rulAR can often produce impressive accuracy. However, it relies on details of the device’s physical environment that are not always consistent and are difficult to measure in real time without some degree of error. That’s why we would not recommend using it for applications where highly accurate measurements are needed.

We are big fans of giving multiple choices, so you can pick the one that fits you best. You can choose between using it for free, but watching an ad from time to time, subscribing to the app for only $0.49 per 3 months, or purchasing it and becoming an owner for a one-time price of $2.99. (Prices vary slightly per country).